When it comes to privacy and anonymity, we can hear a lot of comparison with these two most powerful internet privacy services which is Tor and VPN. Now, what’s’ fussing about is that which service is the best? Or can we combine them to get the most anonymity?

So to answer, what we are going to do is to know the use of these internet secrecy tools.

TOR and its Internet anonymity

There is no wonder why Tor is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to internet privacy. The service of Tor offers to block of all tracking scripts and any data collection. It uses a layered approach called the Onion metaphor that is comprised of countless of nodes or relay points, where your data passes through the entry and exit point. This kind of method offers encryption of your data from the entry point to the middle. Between the entry and the middle points, your data is completely unknown.

Though using Tor means slower browsing, it still offers the privacy of your location. The data you entered in the entry node is encrypted or unknown by the exit node. There is still a possibility of compromised entry and exit nodes. However, the use of Tor is usually cheaper or free.

VPN and its internet privacy features

While VPN’s works differently from Tor, this is still a solid choice. Most reputable providing company and has a solid privacy uses VPN as their privacy tool. VPN offers faster-encrypted traffic data.

VPN’s have their own data center around the world.  Your encrypted data is directly delivered to the website you are trying to access. A VPN solution includes unconventional security technologies such as data encryption and authentication. Virtual private networks are point-to-point connections with which data passes through a private or public network such as the Internet. While the data is passing through the point-to-point link, data is encrypted or wrapped with a header. The header contains routing information that enables the data to pass the link until it reaches the endpoint. These data you send to the private link is protected or encrypted for your complete confidentiality. It is like passing in an enclosed tunnel until reaches the end. The link which we protected or wrapped like a tunnel where the packets of data pass through is called the VPN connection.

Should your combine VPN and TOR?

The anonymity that one offers might compromise the process of the other. Though they can be combined:

You, and the VPN to TOR

This is a process when you connect your computer to the VPN router and then open a Tor site. Your data traffic will pass through the VPN connection first and then on the entry node of the Tor and exits on the Tor exit nodes. VPN can still track your data but you can hide the activity inside Tor.

You, and TOR to VPN

With this different set-up, your data traffic passes through the TOR network and then exits on the exit node then enters to the VPN connection to the website you are going to visit.

As you have already read their different descriptions and ways on how to use them, both are good to use if you want to browse the internet anonymously. Yes, both are good for anonymity but anonymity is different from security. If you’re an average Internet user and you don’t need to worry about the government spying you because all you do is browse your Facebook feed, then you can use TOR. The only disadvantage that you can experience when you use it is, it will slow down your internet speed. If you’re a journalist, entrepreneur or gamer and you prefer to keep all your date secured, the right choice is to use a VPN. Aside from anonymity, you can also experience a lot of benefits from it. From keeping your internet activities private to finding great deals online up to accessing restricted websites from your country, you can add more VPN benefits on your list!

Here is a list of what to expect with Tor and VPN:

TOR advantages:

  • Blocking of all transcript points that work with every data traffics
  • Automatically selects Tor circuit
  • Cheaper private network


  • Slower browsing
  • No torrenting
  • It only exists in browser

VPN Advantages:

  • Faster service
  • Can torrent at high speed
  • Can do both automatic or manual selection of browser
  • You can choose to connect to numerous server locations


  • It is a paid service

So whether you use VPN or Tor or Both, it’s your choice on how you are going to protect your identity, location, and activity.