No censorship! No Logs! No surveillance!

Stay safe from hackers and prying eyes! Once connected to BoxPN VPN, all your data is encrypted and no longer available to ISPs and monitoring entities. Since we store no information about you or your activities, we cannot share it with anyone.

5 Simultaneous
BoxPN offers 5 simultaneous connections so you can stay protected on all your devices at all times: desktop computer, smartphone and tablet.
Server Switches
Data Transfer
BoxPN is confident you will enjoy our services which is why we introduced a 7 day money back guarantee.
Access Global BoxPN Servers across 5 continents to get ability of comfortable and trouble-free surfing. With BoxPN you can easily get access to your favorite content while travelling.
Switch between BoxPN network locations as often as you would like. BoxPN places no limits on either accessible locations or bandwidth usage. as many times as you want, as there are no restrictions on server switching.
While other VPN providers charge you for extra bandwidth, BoxPN does not restrict anything. With BoxPN you can enjoy hours of HD movies, HQ sound, and high resolution games. Stream Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Foxtel at no extra charge.

“BoxPN is one of the first providers to introduce VPN and web hosting services. Since BoxPN is based in Seychelles, we do not fall under mandatory data retention laws required by Western companies. Our main focus is to provide you with a fast, stable and secure network while at the same time offer a remarkably good value for your money”

Trouble-free surfing

We do not throttle speed, we do not put a limit on the data, so our users can stream their favorite channels at high speed and HD quality. With more than 80 servers you are able to keep comfortable browsing and access your favorite content. With the help of our VPN, you get absolute freedom on the Internet.

Encryption and Security!

BoxPN creates encrypted secure tunnel connection between your computer/mobile device and BoxPN global servers with up to 2048 Bits encryption. Theoretically, it takes around 1 Million years for super computer to decrypt our data. All your internet traffic goes through BoxPN high-end dedicated servers and you become secure and anonymous while using internet. Neither your ISP nor government can monitor what you are browsing or doing on the internet.

BoxPN went even further to maintain your online identity secure. BoxPN encrypts all your traffic and hides your IP to protect your data from hackers, government, ISP providers and other prying eyes. Since our infrastructure is built in a way that doesn't log any of our users' activities, BoxPN does not store any information that could identity you or your online activity. Since the company keeps no logs, it has no logs to share.