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our servers located across the globe

Asia & Oceania (12 VPN servers)

  • Australia, Sydney
  • China, Hong Kong (2 servers)
  • India, New Delhi (2 servers)
  • Israel, Tel Aviv
  • Japan, Sapporo
  • Korea (South), Seoul (2 servers)
  • Malaysia, Puchong
  • New Zealand, Auckland
  • Singapore, Singapore
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Europe & Antarctica (54 VPN servers)

  • Britain (UK), BBC iPlayer
  • Britain (UK), Coventry (2 servers)
  • Britain (UK), London (6 servers)
  • Czech Republic, Prague (2 servers)
  • Denmark, Copenhagen (2 servers)
  • Finland, Helsinki (2 servers)
  • France, Paris (2 servers)
  • Germany, Dusseldorf
  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • Iceland, Reykjavik
  • Ireland, Dublin
  • Italy, Porcia
  • Italy, Venice
  • Luxembourg, Mersch (2 servers)
  • Netherlands, Almere
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam (3 servers)
  • Netherlands, Haarlem
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam
  • Norway, Oslo (2 servers)
  • Poland, Gdansk
  • Poland, Warsaw
  • Portugal, Lisbon (2 servers)
  • Russia, Saint Petersburg (2 servers)
  • Spain, Barcelona
  • Spain, Madrid
  • Spain, Valencia (2 servers)
  • Sweden, Stockholm (4 servers)
  • Sweden, Stockholm Public IP (3 servers)
  • Switzerland, Zurich (2 servers)
  • Turkey, Istanbul (2 servers)
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North america & South america (40 VPN servers)

  • Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil, Sao Paulo
  • Canada, East (6 servers)
  • Canada, West (2 servers)
  • Costa Rica, San Jose
  • Mexico, Mexico City
  • Panama, Panama
  • United States, California (5 servers)
  • United States, Florida
  • United States, Georgia
  • United States, Idaho
  • United States, Illinois
  • United States, Montana
  • United States, New York (5 servers)
  • United States, Oregon
  • United States, Texas (6 servers)
  • United States, US-Netflix-East
  • United States, US-Netflix-West
  • United States, Virginia
  • United States, Washington
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  • 2048 bit encryption
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  • Worldwide VPN Servers Network
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Technology and Speed at BoxPN

BoxPN data centers are equipped with high-end dedicated servers that are optimized on a regular basis to ensure the best VPN service to our users. We do not throttle speed, we do not put a limit on the data, so our users can stream their favorite channels at high speed and HD quality. With more than 200 servers you have unlimited access to content from any country in the world without censorship. Having connected to our network you can bypass P2P filesharing and online gaming restrictions, you can stream Netflix, Hulu, BBC and other services. You can also unblock all websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube in all countries where they are censored.

Privacy and Security at BoxPN

BoxPN offers freedom to browse the Internet without leaving any footprint behind. BoxPN encrypts all your traffic and hides your IP to protect your data from hackers, government, ISP providers and other prying eyes. Since our infrastructure is built in a way that doesn't log any of our users' activities, BoxPN will not store any information about you.

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